2020 MICA Scholarships

Military Intelligence Corps Association

P.O. Box 13020

Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85670-3020


21 January 2020

SUBJECT: Military Intelligence Corps Association Scholarship Program

1.     Purpose.  To establish policy and procedures for administration of the Military Intelligence Corps Association (MICA) Scholarship Program.

2.     Concept.  The MICA Scholarship Program provides monetary support to MICA members in good standing and their family pursuing higher education goals. Scholarship funds can be used for attendance (tuition, books and classroom fees) at any regionally accredited college, university, state approved vocational school or technical institution. Applicants must be pursuing their first undergraduate (Associates or Bachelors) degree or technical certificate.  Applicants already possessing an undergraduate degree or seeking a graduate degree are not eligible. Previous MICA Scholarship recipients may compete for subsequent scholarships.

3.     Scholarship Chairman.  The MICA National President will appoint a MICA Scholarship Program Chairman. The Program Chairman overseas the scholarship program processes and approves compliant award applications. The Chairman selects committee members to evaluate compliant applications and determine the best qualified applicants, and present the results to the MICA National Executive Committee for approval.

With the National Executive Committee’s approval, MICA will publish the results of the scholarship selection process. Awardees will be notified of the board’s selection not later than 31 July 2020. Awardees are required to provide MICA their school’s address, a photo and a signed photo release form, within 30 days of notification.  If the awardee declines to provide the required paperwork, the next best qualified applicant will be notified of the scholarship opportunity. Scholarship recipients will be posted on the MICA website, https://www.mica-national.org and announced in the MICA publication The Vanguard.

4.      Scholarship Monetary Value.  The value and number of MICA scholarships available each year will be based on available funds and number of qualified applicants, but will normally be in increments of $500.00 and $1000.00.  MICA will determine the total value of all awards based on current and projected program funds.  The Scholarship Committee will determine the number of awards and monetary value.

5.     Source of Award Funds.  MICA scholarships are funded exclusively through contributions from commercial and private sources and member donations.  MICA scholarship funds are apportioned on an annual basis from the Scholarship Sustaining Fund and distributed through the current-year Scholarship Fund. 

6.     Application Procedures.

  • Only original and complete applications will be accepted.  Applications become the property of MICA and will not be returned to applicants.  Applicant Social Security Numbers (SSN) are not required for administration and may be redacted (blacked out) from all documentation.
  • Applications must be mailed and postmarked no later than 31 May 2020.  Mail completed applications to:


          Attn: MICA Scholarship Chairman

          P.O. Box 13020

          Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85670-3020

7.     All applications must contain the following documentation:

  • MICA Scholarship Application signed by the applicant (Enclosure 1).

  • Letters of Recommendation (Enclosure 2). Application must contain three (3) letters of recommendation which may include, but are not limited to: letters from teachers, professors and mentors; community and military leaders; and other personal and professional references.  All letters of recommendation must be signed and include full point of contact information.

  • Essay (Enclosure 3). Include a single-spaced one (1) page essay detailing the applicant’s educational goals and program of study.  The essay must be written by the applicant, signed and dated.

  • Transcripts (Enclosure 4). Submit as applicable, a copy of high school transcripts (or General Educational Development (GED) test certification), university and college transcripts, vocational and technical transcripts or certifications.

  • Proof of Acceptance by an Educational Institution or transcripts from higher education institution (Enclosure 5).

8.     Criteria.  The Scholarship Chairman determines evaluation criteria to be used during the board process. The Scholarship Board will judge the applications solely on documentation provided in the application.  Areas of evaluation that the Scholarship Board considers are: educational goals (essay); past performance (transcripts); and potential for future success (letters of recommendation).

9.     Applicant’s Use of Funds:  MICA Scholarship Program funds will be used for attendance (tuition, books and classroom fees) at any regionally accredited college, university, or state approved vocational school or technical institution. Scholarship funds can be used for housing, board, travel or administrative purposes. Recipients must use the awarded funds within one year from the date of acceptance of the award. Awards will be disbursed directly to the education institution.  

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Military Intelligence Corps Association

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