Order of the Sphinx

The Order of the Sphinx Award is intended to recognize non-intel military and civilians who have contributed to the MI mission directly or through sponsorships that have exceeded expectations to support the Military Intelligence Corps. Established in 2018 by MICA in support of the MI Corps, the Order of the Sphinx Award is not intended for recognition of a single, short-term event or contribution. It is a prestigious award to recognize volunteer service that makes a substantial contribution to the MI Corps.


Any non-intel military or civilian may receive the Order of the Sphinx Award.

A nominee must have demonstrated exemplary service in support of the MI Community or have contributed a sponsorship that has exceeded expectations to support the Military Intelligence Corps.

  •   Any military or civilian who is not a trained intelligence professional and not eligible to receive any other MICA award.
  •   A nominee would have contributed service to the US Army MI Corps or Intelligence Community
  •   A nominee would have more than three years to the benefit and advancement of the MI Corps
  •   A nominee would have initiative, originality, and patronage to the MI Corps and its activities
  •   A nominee will have directed a program that made significant contributions to the MI Corps and its Soldiers
  •   A nominee will have established a demonstrated pattern of service, excellence, and achievement to the MI Corps
  •   Long periods of service alongside MI units and Soldiers

This is a once in a lifetime award.

How to wear the Order of the Sphinx Medal

The following are guidelines for wearing the Order of the Sphinx Award Medal.

Holders of the Order of the Sphinx Award should wear their award with intense pride and decorum. They must, however, be extremely judicious in their choice of occasions and clothing for wear. The medallion may be worn at almost any military function such as the MI Corps birthday celebration, MI Balls, military Dining-Ins and Outs. It may be worn with either formal or informal dress. Wearing it with causal wear is considered inappropriate.  The Order of the Sphinx lapel pin may be worn on any civilian attire as either a pin or tie tack.

When possible, MICA Awards should be presented by MICA National or Chapter leadership.

Award Ceremony

Suggested Order of the Sphinx Award Presentation Ceremony

Narrator: The Military Intelligence Corps Association (MICA) Order of the Sphinx Award specifically recognizes non-MI individuals who have contributed significantly to the support of the intelligence mission. These contributions have exceeded the expectations typical of support provided to the Military Intelligence Corps and its Soldiers.  ________________ (name) has demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, provided dedicated service and support, and promoted Military Intelligence in the eyes of the MI organizations they have supported.   

The award recipients will now come forward.

The Order of the Sphinx was established in March of 2018 by the Military Intelligence Corps Association. During the Paris Peace Negotiations after World War I, the U.S. Army Interpreters supporting President Woodrow Wilson and the American delegation wore the Sphinx Head Insignia. French Army Intelligence elements originated the use of the Sphinx Insignia and U.S. Army intelligence leaders chose to follow this tradition. From ancient times to the present the Sphinx has represented, the virtues of wisdom, secrecy, and strength in support of Military Intelligence.

This award exemplifies the bravery, determination, mission-first and Soldiers always traits associated with Military Intelligence. _____________ (name) has made significant contributions in support of the Military Intelligence Corps and demonstrated the highest standards of service to our nation and its Soldiers.

Read the specific accomplishments of those receiving the Award.

The Order of the Sphinx Award is presented to the recipient(s).