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Please post any requests for mentorship in the comments below and a MICA Mentor will be assigned based on the topic requested.

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  1. Recently, my Battalion Intelligence Officer informed me that she was looking for a way to nominate me for the Knowlton Award, but realized she was unable to since she is not assigned to the MI branch. Is it possible for her to speak with someone, and they nominate me on her behalf? Thanks in advance for your assistance through this situation, and I’m truly excited to be apart of this association.

    1. Just an added detail: my unit is a field artillery battalion, so the appointed intelligence officer is FA branch.

  2. I am looking for professional development assistance/resources for intelligence professionals at a joint (i.e. COCOM) headquarters. Thank you.

  3. I’m looking for professional mentorship for a career in Army CI. I’m currently a BN S-2 but would appreciate mentorship to join the CI career field. Thank you.

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