New MICA Website

MICA National is proud to announce the launch of our new MICA Website.  The new site contains enhanced membership capabilities, allowing members to log in and update their contact information and view their billing details, renew membership and much more.  

Members can obtain their password by selecting Membership > Manage Account and then requesting a password be sent to them.  Passwords are sent to the email address currently on file with MICA.  If you are unsure of the email address on file, please contact the MICA Director of Finance & Accounting or call the MICA Office.  

The Directory has 2 sections.  If you select Directory and are logged in using your member login, you will see a listing of all members.  Members can choose to have their full mailing address, social media links and many other pieces of information listed if they like.  This can all be updated in your member profile.  Most members will find that the current setting shows their Name, MICA Membership #, City and State, and their Phone Number (if a phone number is included in their profile).  This provides a great way for other members to reach out to each other and again, this information can only be seen by MICA members.  

Within the Directory menu there is a Chapter link.  This area provides information for each MICA chapter and links to email the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for each chapter.

The new website is hosted on a brand new platform courtesy of MICA National.  MICA wishes to extend our sincere thanks to Anthony Williamson, owner of Web Magi, for his invaluable assistance and expertise in designing / transitioning our new website.

If you have recommendations for changes or additions to the website, please post your comments in the Blog area under the Current menu.


Mike Roberts
MICA National Vice President